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  • Српски језик

Symptoms and conditions

Abdominal Pain

Find out what stomach pain may indicate or schedule an appointment at our medical center.


What should you do in case of an injury? At Puls Go, we treat injuries quickly and efficiently.


Fractures are one of the emergency conditions that we successfully treat at Puls Go Medical Center.

Allergic reactions

They can be severe and intense. Call Pulse Go so we can diagnose them and take the necessary measures as soon as possible.

Chest pain

One of the emergency conditions that requires a prompt reaction is chest pain. Schedule an appointment at Puls Go.


If you suspect that you have an infection, our experts will diagnose the type and determine the necessary treatment.

If you feel unwell, have any of the previously mentioned symptoms or your health condition has suddenly worsened

Why Puls Go?

About Us

The first private center for diagnostics and care in Serbia

When health is at risk, time factor and reaction speed are crucial. Aware of this fact, we have established Puls Go – the first private medical system in Serbia focused on rapid diagnostics and care.

Our resource: regionally accessible diagnostic center

We have new, modern, technologically superior equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, which is why we are rightfully considered a regionally relevant diagnostic center that includes: laboratory, ultrasound and Doppler diagnostic devices, digital X-ray, as well as the state-of-the-art 128-slice Philips Incisive CT scanner with software that calculates the minimum dose of ionizing radiation according to a given algorithm and lowers it by up to 90% in order to protect the patient.

In addition to equipment for a wide range of diagnostic needs, we also have complete diagnostic equipment for the detection and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases and conditions.

Our advantage: a team of top-notch and experienced experts

Puls GO center is staffed by highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, technicians and other staff specialized in rapid diagnostics and care. We are proud to point out that the team brings together eminent general surgeons, cardiologists, orthopedists, specialists in sports and regenerative medicine, gastroenterologists, as well as general practitioners with great expertise in the field of medical practice. The expertise of our team guarantees the application of optimal and innovative solutions for every medical issue.

All the activities of our experts are closely interconnected, team members have a high degree of mutual coordination in order to examine, diagnose and treat patients quickly and efficiently.

In addition to expertise, our team is characterized by high flexibility and willingness to adapt to the needs of patients, whether it is an emergency or scheduled examination.

We are also connected with other medical institutions and professionals, all with the aim of providing the best and most efficient care and support to patients in all stages of treatment.

Patient impressions

Brza dijagnostika u pravom smislu te reči i mnogo dobar tim stručnjaka. Preporuka i za Puls Go i za Puls kardiloski centar!
Beba P
Beba P
Outstanding and quickly service. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and caring. The waiting time was minimal, and the clinic maintained a clean and organized environment. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone in need of medical care.
Lazar Janosevic
Lazar Janosevic
Stvarno sam prezadovoljna uslugom. Doktor me je primio kao da smo rod. Saslušao me, sve analize koje sam donela detaljno pregledao, pitao me sve do detalja, bez žurbe. Napokon neko da zaista pokaže interesovanje i brigu
jelena veljkovic milentijevic
jelena veljkovic milentijevic
Imam samo reči hvale! Osoblje je bilo baš stručno, ljubazno i pažljivo prema meni. Takođe, ono što je meni bilo izuzetno važno je da sam sve završila veoma brzo i bez stresnog čekanja. ❤️
Kristina Bijelić
Kristina Bijelić
Bez čekanja, usluga brza i efikasna. Sve pohvale za profesionalizam osoblja.
Sara Dragicevic
Sara Dragicevic
Izvanredno osoblje…uslužno i brzo. Hvala na brzoj reakciji i pomoći!
Nikola Stevanovic
Nikola Stevanovic

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